19 August 2017

35 illegal occupants in government bungalows to be evicted next week

The Ministry of Works and Housing has served notice that 35 squatters in government bungalows will in the coming days be thrown out to allow space for some public officials who are yet to be provided with accommodation.

The Sector Minister, Atta Akyea recently revealed that cronies and girlfriends of some public officials are occupying state bungalows without paying rent.

According to him, there is an ongoing audit of such properties and those who fail to justify paying their rent will be evicted in the three months.

Atta Akyea said he has information that some people occupying the apartments are not qualified to be there.

“Some of them could be the girlfriends of some people. You will be shocked to hear the kind of funny stuff going on in governmental circles, which is not good for the country,” he told Joy News recently.

According to him, the rent will enable government put up other houses for others to benefit from.

Deputy Minister of Works and Housing, Freda Prempeh in an interview with Asempa FM Friday, stated that the Ministry will not entertain any pleas from the 35 persons penciled and will ensure they are ejected.

“As I speak with you, my Director for Housing is here with me and we’re going through a list of 35 identified persons to be evicted. We’re scanning the list to see those we can evict beginning next week, while we allow some others about three months to prepare and vacate their accommodation.”

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