20 July 2017

2018 Nissan Leaf Could Make the Brake Pedal Obsolete – Video

2018 Nissan Leaf Could Make the Brake Pedal Obsolete – Video

The all-new Nissan Leaf will introduce the innovative “e-Pedal.”

Modern cars have always had at least two pedals, one serving as an accelerator and the other for braking. But Nissan might be working on a way to get rid of the brake pedal, if the Japanese automaker’s new e-Pedal serves its purpose. The revolutionary technology will make its debut on the new Nissan Leaf on September 5, but the company has released a short video showing off its purpose.

By flipping a switch, the accelerator pedal turns into an e-Pedal, allowing the driver to accelerate, decelerate, and stop using just the e-Pedal. Nissan claims it’s the world’s first one-pedal operation that allows drivers to bring the car to a complete stop even on hills, stay in position, and resume driving instantly.

The idea behind the e-Pedal is so drivers won’t need to shift from one pedal to the other in 90 percent of their driving needs, Nissan said. Something tells us, however, that drivers are going to have a hard time to not instinctively use the brake pedal to stop.

We’ll learn more about the all-new Nissan Leaf once it makes its debut in a couple of months.

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