19 September 2016

127 Spelling Mistakes and 33 Grammatical Errors Found in NDC’s Newly Launched Manifesto Including President Matamata—Will Someone Be Sacked For This?

NDCThe NPP has accused the NDC on multiple platforms of stealing their ideas–the reason why the former has been reluctant to launch its manifesto so that the latter does not get the freeway to plagiarise it.

With NPP’s manifesto not coming, the NDC has been forced to put together something which they’ve launched today at Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo Region in a hot scorching sun.

According to a quick glance through by the guys are FACT CHECK who are even working with minimal staff this week, 127 spelling mistakes and 33 grammatical errors have so far been spotted. 

Apparently, Vice President Amissah-Arthur’s name was spelt several times wrong and on page 4, President Mahama’s name was spelt as President Matamata.

It’s still unclear how many mistakes are in there–and whether someone will be sacked for this.

But then, the person who did the job would have a good defence that–the main manifesto he copies from all the time was not around so he had to do extra work this time.


Source: Graphicxonline

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