13 July 2017

12-year-old meningitis patient detained over ¢2,500 medical bills

The Eastern Regional Government Hospital in Koforidua has detained a 12-year-old girl for three weeks over her parent’s inability to settle her hospital bills.

Hilary Deku, a class six pupil of the Obuotunpan Local Authority Basic School still remains in the custody of the hospital after she was diagnosed and treated for a meningitis condition.

Miss Deku, who is to settle an amount of GHȻ2,500 before she is discharged, has a deteriorating health condition according to her father.

She could neither speak nor make gestures and she has grown lean and looks pale. She could only pass urine through a catheter.

Hilary’s biological mother has abandoned her, leaving her father, Hilary Kwame Deku, 47, as the only source of hope.

However, things have not been easy as the farmer says due to economic hardships, he has become helpless when his daughter needs him most.

He told Joy News’ Kofi Siaw that he borrowed money to bring his daughter to the hospital only to be saddled with another debt of medical fees.

According to him, his brainy girl who places among the best four students in her class, got the sympathy of her teachers who have been helping him with some money to buy her food.

Mr Deku is, therefore, seeking help to enable him to pay the bills of her daughter.

The teary father said although he is overwhelmed by the situation, he is hopeful that since it is God that gifted him the girl, He will make a way.

Kwame Deku is hopeful his brilliant daughter who cannot walk, for now, would survive if she gets the needed assistance. 

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