04 February 2017

11 Beautiful Ghanaian Celebrities Who Are Seriously ‘Gnashing’ And Wish They Had Your Boyfriend–Probably Cry Themselves to Sleep Each Night


Ama K Abebrese

Being in a loving relationship is far different from being with someone’s husband or boyfriend as a sidekick, even if the person takes you on “secret” holidays to Dubai or buys you a Mercedez Benz–think Yvonne Okoro.

And a man who’s proud of you wouldn’t hide that special relationship–even if he wouldn’t go the extra mile to flaunt it, he will stand by your side once a while.

Behind the ‘facade of happiness’ many of our Ghanaian female Celebrities throw out there, a lot of them are seriously gnashing in the serious relationship department and probably cry themselves to sleep each night.

From observation and industry knowledge, we’ve compiled a list of those celebrities who so much wish they had that one person they can call THEIRS and occasionally throw a picture of them on social media.

Though it’s sad–that’s partly the price to pay for having a high expectation and not being worth it, the relationship disease of most celebrities…

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